How it Works

HowItWorks11 The cows are milked as normal. When the automatic cluster remover gives the signal that milking has finished, the AirWash Plus programme is initiated.

HowItWorks22 As the process begins a special Y-joint releases a measured amount of teat dip which is mixed with compressed air.

HowItWorks33 The compressed air propels the dip through the system towards the milking cluster where it is injected into the short milk tube.

HowItWorks44 The blast of air creates a fine spray of teat dip inside the injector spray-nozzle in the short milk tube of the liner. The dip goes on while the teat is extended and coats the teat end, while both the skin pores and the teat canal are open and receptive to disinfectant and emollients.

HowItWorks55 After the cluster is removed from the cow it returns to the ‘park’ position and the teat cup is sanitised and rinsed repeatedly with compressed air and water. Dip residue on the inside of the liner is rinsed out and the entire liner is sanitised.